Miami Art Basel in Review

As you probably know, Art Basel just wrapped up in Miami, FL. With so many artists and exhibits its hard to cover everything, so I decided to pick a few exhibits and artists to focus on for this review. From brand and graphic designers, to visual artists, Art Basel had everything and more to offer, from big acclaimed artists like, KAWS, to pop-up art galleries and newer artists that experienced their first Art Basel go around. This year Miami offered it all. Below I have summarized up the pieces by the various artists chosen as well included some photos from each exhibit/gallery. 

Kith NYC Homage Pop-up

An exhibition curated by the Joshua Liner Gallery paid homage to Kith NYC. The exhibition consisted of different pieces that paid tribute to the design processes behind various collaborations for the store throughout the years. The pop-up served to exhibit not only the popular sneakers and clothing that have continued to make the store a success but the art pieces featured symbolized the design inspiration of Ronnie Fieg, creator and owner of Kith NYC. The exhibition featured 14 different artists in order to curate all of the pieces for the gallery. 

Photo by: David Graver

Photo by: David Graver

Photo by: David Graver 

Photo by: David Graver 


Austin Willis an artist out of the Bay Area has been making a name for himself within the art scene, this year he attended Art Basel in Miami in order to exhibit some of his work. I reached out to Austin to ask about his experience this year at Art Basel, read our mini interview below!

Austin! You had your work exhibited at Art Basel this year, that's awesome. Congratulations! Give us more info on your exhibit. How did it come together? Which pieces of yours were up for exhibit – why did you select those works?

My show came together very well, I got a lot of love and made a lot of great connections. I displayed three pieces, Her Body, The Coming and Pink Matter. I chose these pieces because they are fan favorites and The Coming is the first piece revealed from my solo collection: From The Portals. 

Were you inspired by the other art works and galleries? What were some of your favorite exhibits that you saw while at Art Basel?

Absolutely, there were so many amazing artists and gallery exhibits throughout the week. It's a loaded question, there were so many I can't pick just one. 

Did you meet any of your artistic inspirations?

No, not really. I'm inspired by everything around me and pull from these inspirations, that's what draws me in. Not really just one person. 

Describe your experience at Art Basel in one word?


Were you able to creatively connect with people? If so, did you meet someone you would like to collaborate with in the near future?

Yes, definitely. Some of the artist I displayed with in my first show were from Brazil and I plan to stay in contact with them. I'm going to try making a trip to Brazil to visit and create with them. I also met Dapper Lou from New York, we have mutual friends and kicked it at Art Basel. We will for sure stay in contact so I'm sure we'll probably work on something at some point.

Will Austin Willis be at Art Basel next year?

Yes, that's the plan I'm trying to come back and do things bigger, better and take over Basel. 


Renown artist KAWS, teamed up with Pace Prints in order to create a series of prints inspired by the animated character Snoopy. The collection of the silkscreen prints are titled, NO ONE'S HOME, STAY READY and THE THINGS THAT COMFORT. KAWS demonstrates once again his abstract vision through incorporating bold colors and various patterns into each one of these pieces. 

Rosalyn Drexler

Bronx-born artist, Rosalyn Drexler displayed her five piece pop-art exhibit this year at Art Basel. All of Drexler's pieces inspired by film, celebrity and pop-culture, cohesively work together to demonstrate her own perspective on culture throughout the decades. Drexler's use of acrylic paints and collages furthermore express the narrative of each piece exhibited. 

"The Defenders" (1963)

"The Defenders" (1963)

"The Dream" (1963)

"The Dream" (1963)