South London's Collective: House of Pharaohs

London based collective House of Pharoahs is the next thing to blow from the UK’s underground grime scene. The collective houses 10 members in total, all having various titles and contributions to the original sound. Their first EP Southern Stamp released earlier this year, the project feautred nine original tracks with production from LSLOW, an in-house producer for the group. 

This year has been a big year for artists coming out the UK, with cross-over grime artist Skepta leading the London-rap music scene, who will appear at Coachella Music Festival later this year. It seems that the grime-hip-hop style will soon cross over to mainstream America. We’ve seen big name artists Drake and A$AP Mob take to the likings of the grime sound and are somewhat responsible for the success of the U.S. cross-over. 

The House of Pharoahs are destined for greatness yet the road ahead of them is long and filled with work. In an interview recently done with the group by GUAPTV Sam Wise, a member of the group spoke about the importance of hard-work, focus and getting more music out there for the people to listen to. Luckily for the group getting people to listen isn’t an issue of theirs. When listening to the EP on sound cloud, the thousands of likes from listeners make it clear that there’s a demand for music from the collective. Songs like, Raid, Mean Muggin’, and their original track Southern that put them on the map are just a sample of the knack they have for creating original content. 

The EP Southern Stamp came right behind their performance opening up for Vince Staples' Arrival show in South London, UK. Their performance reviews all told the same tale of the high energy performance from the collective. As House of Pharaohs continues to grow and gain noteriety in their home base of South London and the rest of the UK, we in the states plan to continue to watch the rise of another strong, creative collective. Not to sound too cliche but the sky is the limit for this group of guys. We’re looking forward to hearing more music and orginal videos from House of Phaoroahs but until then click here to listen to their latest project Southern Stamp.