So it's been a while since my last post, almost two months which is sad. Really sad but life has been really crazy and busy... nevertheless busy in the best way possible. However, while I've been gone I've been listening to an absurd amount of new music and checking out some new talent. Some of my good friends from home (Bay Area) have released some really good new music and I thought it'd make sense to post some of the newer tracks I've been listening to while away.

Elujay - "We Don't Mind" ft. Samaria & Caleborate

Caleborate - "Options" ft. Pell & Sylvan Lacue

Brent Faiyaz - "Poison" 

Novelist - "Girls Around the World"

Rex Life Raj - "OMG"

Rayana Jay - "Sleepy Brown" 

Noname Gypsy - "All I Need" ft. Xavier Omar

Lil Uzi - "Seven Million" ft. Future

24hrs - Last Man

alute - "Storm"

ehlani - "CRZY"