Clyde Shankle - The Penitent Thief (side a)

Clyde Shankle lyricist and 1/3 of Bay Area group Down2Earth has released a solo EP titled The Penitent Thief (side a). Shankle's lyrics over the years have consistently flowed with an aesthetic of underground def poetry with hints of gritty hip-hop. His verses touch upon issues and fears most wouldn't often speak aloud which is why his messages continue to reign unique and important for listeners. Shankle hints at a follow up EP to go along with the side a of this body of music. Below is a selected single from the project, to listen to the full EP click here. 

 The penitent thief is the guy beside Jesus, begging. When asking feels like begging we turn to pleading. I just plead that you listen. - Clyde Shankle